how to get rid of ants in the bathroom

Who has never encountered that line of ants moving through their kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? As much as you clean your house and take care of the sugar pot, which is the main attraction for them, you always find these insects walking around your house, not knowing where they come from and where they are going to.

Ants, one of the urban pestsmost common around the world, they usually go around the house looking for food or leftovers. So it is more common to find them by the kitchen, climbing the walls or making their way through the floor. Despite infesting spontaneously, it is a pest that can be easily controlled. This insect, which is harmless, should not be ignored, given that, due to contact with debris, garbage or food, it can contaminate wherever it goes with fungi or bacteria that it carries with it.

The infestation can occur anywhere, because, according to Antonio Carlos Pereira Antunes and Mari Takebayashi, authors of the Pest Control Home Book of Easy Learn Publisher, “[Ants] can use a wide variety of foods. They often feed on different products in order to take advantage of the resources available in the environment in which they live. ”

Despite this, they also have a practical function, as they eat larvae of other insects, such as fleas and spiders. Thus, the best way to deal with these unexpected visits is to control your infestation and prevent it from reaching your food. So stay alert! When we find an ant that appears alone, we must be careful, as they are the gossip of the anthill. In other words, they are the ones who look for signs of food and run back to the nest to tell the news to others and start the march.

We have listed here some measures that will help you to keep them away from your food and your house : –

Prevent entry
In order to prevent them from entering your home and, consequently, making nests, it is important to seal all possible holes where they can gain passage. The sealing can be made with materials that will have a permanent effect, such as plaster, glue, silicone or putty. You can also use petroleum jelly or a mixture of wheat flour and water as provisional measures, as these alternatives wear out over time and lose their effectiveness.

-Smooth water steak
This measurement is accurate when you see that “trail” of ants. Just spray a mixture of 1 to 5 soap and water, respectively. This, in addition to killing those that are strolling, cancels the trail left by them, preventing other ants from walking this path again. Strengthen your spray with citrus peels.

-Create defensive barriers
In some places, where it is risky to use insecticides or products that can be toxic, such as around dog bowls, the ideal is to create a natural barrier that will prevent access and keep ants away. It is worth mentioning that it is important to make a “complete” barrier, as the invaders are able to find any breach and pass it smoothly. Give preference to herbs or powdered products that have a strong smell, because they are more efficient. Use, for example, cinnamon, chili powder, cloves, talcum powder or chalk.

-Use strong aromas
As stated, products that have stronger fragrances are more effective in fighting ants. Putting a bay leaf inside the sugar jar, for example, can be a solution. It is also effective to protect the desired area with mint or to plant a lavender plant where the ants enter.

-Make bait for ants
The foods that most attract their attention are sugars, fats and meats. In order to attract them, you can mix some of these foods with some insecticide and leave it in the place where you see more ants. But, do not mix too much insecticide, as they may notice the trap.
Note: there are ants that are not “confectioners”, so it is important to vary the baits.

-Give a general cleaning
Keeping your house clean is always essential. But, after realizing the presence of ants, it is essential to clean the environment in general. It is recommended to use alcohol or vinegar, which have a strong smell and keep this pest away. Vacuum the corners and areas where the broom does not reach, in order to eliminate the possible accumulation of sharps or food scraps, attractive to them. Also keep all your food covered, avoiding access to it. Jars of sweets or jellies, for example, should always be kept clean on the outside.
Tip: don’t leave the dishes in the sink too long!

Preventing entry and preserving the environment, ants will disappear. If they can’t get in or can’t find something they can eat, they leave in search of another place favorable to their existence and their home is free from these unwanted visits!

Alternate method

Many housewives complain about the problem of domestic ants, or sweet ants, that appear in the kitchen mainly in the summer. The big question is how to end ants, but some homemade solutions work very well in most cases.

According to biologist and master in public health, Lucia Schuller, these techniques should be used constantly, since they are closely linked to maintenance. The use of insecticides is not advisable.

“Insecticides for home ants are not effective unless you use the bait. But they will also not work if there is no reduction in shelters for ants ”, recommends Lucia.

But then, what are the home remedies that can be applied? First you need to close all the cracks you find. It can be difficult work, but it is important for the result to be positive. To find out where the anthill is, set a “trap”.

“Offer honey or sugar moistened in small portions on pieces of waterproof paper for ants. They will come and show the way to the hideout, ”says Lucia.

After locating the cracks, it’s time to close the hole. For this you can use sealing compound, soap or any other sealing material. But, before application, it is good to inject a little water and detergent – in the same measures – because they act on the protective layer of the ant’s body.

Other places they like to appear are in the house’s electrical piping and plugs. “In these spaces, just throw a thin layer of baby powder and, ready, they will leave quickly”, guides the biologist.

It is good to emphasize that the electricity must be turned off to put the talc. And do not use detergent water in plugs or pipes. This is a non-binding combination and can be very dangerous.

During the winter, the ants seek refuge indoors and at night they go out in search of food, especially in the kitchen. For Francisco Antonio Theodoro Neto, technical supervisor at Osaka Pest Control and Unblocking, the answer to combat ants is prevention. “As the ant’s most refined senses are the nose and taste, barriers can be created to prevent the invasion of these pests into the domestic environment”, he teaches.

Prevention tips:

• Identify the origin of the ants’ path and cover the holes, cracks and cracks;
• Take care of cleaning the house daily with water and vinegar;
• Keep food covered and protected or in sealed containers;
• Do not leave leftover food or liquids on display. Clean them immediately;
• Keep trash cans covered;
• Always wash food jars and apply petroleum jelly at the base of the animals’ bowls;
• Place defensive barriers, such as: baby powder, salt, chalk marks, orange peels, powdered cinnamon and coffee grounds;
• Use smells to chase away ants, such as: cloves, lemon, cayenne pepper and peppermint;
• Never use industrialized poison on your own, insecticides can spread in the domestic environment and poison the family and domestic animals;
• If nothing goes right, the solution is to look for a company that specializes in pest control.

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