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Orkin termite treatment cost, reviews: Is it worth the money?

The average cost of a termite disinfection service is € 32 / m2, and can vary between € 25 / m2 and € 40 / m2. The factors that influence the determination of cost are the method used, the place of infection or the extent of the pest, among others.

Typically, termite disinfection work includes prior inspection and diagnosis, treatment itself, and subsequent monitoring to ensure pest eradication. This service is carried out by companies or professionals specialized in pest control, but they must be enabled with the licenses and permits required by current regulations (RD1052 / 02) and, in addition, be registered in the Official Registry of Biocidal Establishments and Services of the communities autonomous.

The method used

The two main methods used for the elimination of termites are baits (with monitoring) and treatment with biocides, the first being the cheapest. Fumigation with toxic gases is still used, but is questioned for its proven dangerousness.

The infection site

The treatment will be different if it is intervened on elements fixed inside a home, in a garden or on furniture. When it is necessary to disinfect fixed elements in inhabited interiors (beams, ventilation pipes, floor, etc.), products compatible with people and animals are used. On the other hand, for objects or furniture that can be transported or isolated, different products are applied.

Scope of infestation

The level of infestation of the pest determines that a termite disinfection treatment is approached in a certain way. Termite mounds in underground termites, which are the most common, are normally housed underground. For this reason, if termites have reached higher floors, it is likely that they have also affected lower plants. The material and human resources necessary to eliminate the plague depend on the extent of the infestation.

Follow-up period and guarantees

Companies offer a specific monitoring period (inspection and review), included in the service. However, at the end of this time they terminate the service and offer another, or they begin to charge the reviews separately.

Usually, the warranty periods are established at the factory in the applied products, so you have to be wary of very long warranty periods (10 to 20 years) since no termite disinfection company will take care of the damage caused by these insects. can continue to perform out of their visual range.

Other services

Travel expenses are included within the budget, but it is possible that a surcharge will be charged for trips beyond 20 or 30 km away, from the point where the headquarters of the company or professional is established.

The subsequent cleaning of the place is a complementary service that may or may not be included in the termite disinfection service. Therefore, it is advisable to previously agree on this point when contracting the service.


If you have a plague of xylophages, it is normal to search the internet for how much it costs to exterminate termites . You may have noticed that there are no standard prices for this type of pest.

Well we have to tell you that there are not, the rates for termite treatments seem to be a secret, but in reality no company publishes them because each case is different and different treatments are needed to eliminate them.

We explain what we take into account the pest companies to make a closed budget to end termites permanently.

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Rates depending on the type of treatment.

One of the factors that make a budget to exterminate termites increase is the type of treatment, which can be with ecological, mechanical or pulverized baits.

With ecological baits.

ecological termite baits treatment

It is one of the most effective treatments to exterminate termites and end the termite mound forever.

Did you know that termites cannot digest cellulose directly? Workers are in charge of feeding the rest through a process called trophalaxis.

It is a solution that attacks the biology of the termite directly with a growth regulator, which prevents its development and molting.

The compounds used are hexaflumuron and diflubenzuron, both inhibitors of chitin that end up infesting the rest of the colony in a delayed way.

The price of these treatments are usually the most expensive , because a key factor is time. To finish with the termite mound it can take between 3 to 5 years.

In the course of time a specialist wood technician must move to replace baits, monitor and make improvements.

Another factor that makes this treatment with ecological baits more expensive is the total surface to be treated, it will depend on whether it is a house, a complete building or other facilities.

With mechanical treatments.

wood termite mechanical treatment price

Mechanical treatments are mainly used to treat wooden beams, they are less expensive than ecological treatments and the application time is shorter .

It all depends, but imagine that there is a complete building to be treated, here you should ask how much it costs to exterminate the termites, it would be a complex treatment and it takes into account the surface meters to be treated and the possible damages that have already been caused by the activity of termites .

Mechanical treatments consist of the injection of thermicides under pressure to penetrate into the wood. They act as a protection barrier and will end the activity if there is one. Drilling and scaffolding will be necessary in most cases.

Termites usually eat from inside the beam to the outside, they are beings that do not support sunlight and in most cases you will not be able to perceive them.

In these cases we use digital technology to check the existence of termites inside the wooden beams and upon detecting them we will recommend the best protocol to exterminate them.

With Spray.

This treatment can be used as a preventive treatment or with a very low level of infestation . It consists of spraying insecticide on a wooden surface such as frames, doors or windows.

It will create an outer protective barrier, which will prevent xylophages from feeding on or damaging the wood.

It is the cheapest treatment, but the application should be advised by the wood technician .

There are cases, which will not be possible to apply, because as we have already said, it depends on the level of the pest or surface you have to treat.

Budget to exterminate termites.

In DDS we can give you an approximate price, but as we said at the beginning it depends in every measure on the level of infestation, total surface to be treated or type of treatment.

It will be necessary to schedule a visit and we will carry out a detailed inspection, since you should not risk it with these wood-eating animals, the security of your home is at stake and how much it costs to finish them will be secondary .

Once the inspection is finished, we will give you a closed final estimate, execution time and the applicable guarantees in the event of an unexpected outbreak.

Termites are not only strange and ugly, they can also literally eat your house right under your nose. Termites feed on wet and dry wood and can chew your home to an incredible level. The national average price for termite control is between $ 96,000- $ 160,000. Treatment costs may be higher for a larger infestation. Here are some examples of the average price for termite control:

  • Liquid treatment for underground termites: $ 1,200- $ 1,600 for each 0.5 linear meter.
  • For $ 30,000 a year, a company can offer a maintenance plan that includes property inspection and warranty renewal.
  • Liquid treatment of underground termites: approximately $ 160,000 for a house of 185 square meters.
  • The price is higher for the extra work like using foam and drills on the concrete slabs.
  • Dry wood termite fumigation: $ 480,000- $ 600,000 for a house of 850 to 1,000 cubic meters. Fumigation is measured in cubic meters because it counts the total space in the house where termites may be colonizing. The cost of spraying is affected by the number of floors in the house as well.

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